Outgoing, Energetic and Upbeat Up for any challenge

A great listener who wants to provide an amazing service from start to finish.

I wear many hats.  I can talk to just about anyone and I have the ability to make you feel comfortable around me. I am a caregiver and a hard worker. I am not defined by what I do rather by whose life I can impact. It is my hope that by the time you leave my chair I have made you feel better than when you came in.

Favorite past time or hobby
I love the outdoors.  Get me in or around the water and I'm a happy girl!  I enjoy music and if there is a song on I'm either singing or dancing.

Favorite band or song
Easiest answer I love music with soul. Something with a beat I can move to.

Expert in;
Curly hair clients, color and a great shampoo massage! I pride myself in providing an enjoyable experience, being attentive and making you hair look and feel amazing.