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Before and After Gallery – Botox -Dermal Fillers – Skin Rejuvenation


Veronica had her under eye hallows corrected with Restylane dermal filler. Her lips were augmented with Juvederm. She had Botox to refresh her eyebrows.

new_before_after_side_kellyKelly had her cheeks augmented with Radiesse dermal filler.  Restoring cheek height is key to retaining a youthful look. Her under eye hallows were corrected with Belotero dermal filler,  and her lips were also replenished with Belotero. We used Dysport to smooth her forehead lines and in other key areas to refresh her total look.

new_before_after_side_abbyAbby was ready for a complete make-over. Her face had lost over 80% of it’s youthful volume, as is common after age 55. We used 5 syringes of Perlane dermal filler to replenish and restore her cheeks as well as soften lines around the mouth (also known as Naso-Labial Folds). We used Dysport to erase forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet, instead of Botox. We used 2 syringes of Restylane dermal fillers to correct her under eye hallows. Juvederm Voluma would be a longer lasting choice for cheek enhancement.