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Aesthetic Nurse Belinda Pate, RN, BSN has a reputation for excellence and a passion for injectables, earning her a loyal following. After earning her RN degree in 1993, she worked in Maternity Nursing for many years. Belinda has trained with highly respected Medical Aesthetic pracitioners in the field, such as Dr. Steve Yoelin of Newport Beach and Dr. Glen Vallecios of Bevery Hills. In 2008, she came upon the field of Medical Aesthetics and found a new way to make patients smile. She has dedicated herself to her craft, attending many professional seminars each year with recognized leaders in the field, so that she can bring to her clients the latest developments in the use of Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, Belotero, Restylane and Dysport. In 2010 she advanced her Nursing Degree to a B.S.N, and served for the following 2 years as the Regional Nurse Injector for American Laser Skincare, traveling to 4 clinics each week and injecting over 70 treatments per month. People come to Belinda for the results she creates and personal attention she gives to each, unique individual. She works exclusively for Natural Results.

“I don’t believe in the hard sell. People need to trust me to guide them with realistic outcomes. Each person is important, and we work together to map out their best plan. Nothing satisfies me more than hearing my clients say people think they look fresh, renewed and younger. And YES, I do my own injections!”

about_drMedical Director Dr. Reayvasquez has been practicing medicine for over 30 years, specializing in cardiovascular medicine. After years of intensive service, he decided to dedicate himself to a different path. Dr. Realyvasquez considers it an honor to restore youth through a variety of medical treatments. Knowing the body inside and out, his number one priority is patient safety. His vision is for people to get the results they want without compromising their health.

“I want people to not only look good, but feel good, knowing that they are getting the highest medical standards and precautions.”

Each person must undergo a thorough evaluation to determine if they are good candidate for treatment, and as well, his expertise is always available for any concerns.

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4pillars_smallThe Chemistry of Better Skin Care

CosMedix builds a healthy relationship with the skin. We avoid harmful additives that strip away the good and the bad from the skin. Why apply harsh, damaging chemicals to your skin if a soothing, effective, naturally-derived solution is readily available? Prolonged healing and discomfort shouldn’t be the cost you pay for beautiful skin.

Plant-based ingredients are concentrated for maximum effectiveness then refined to compliment the skin’s chemistry while simultaneously remedying the most troublesome skin conditions–from sun damage, signs of aging and hyperpigmentation–without the irritation or downtime of popular, conventional treatments. Providing skin solutions that improve your skin without hindering your lifestyle: It’s a promise we renew every day.